Applications are closed for Rusty. Rusty is an extremely lovable goofball who loves socialising with other dogs and hasn’t got a mean streak in him. Rusty loves going for his runs and walks daily and will definitely require someone who is active to keep up with him.

He currently goes running with my son and walking with me. He is very good off lead and has good recall. He will sit and stay on command, he is quite strong on the lead, we walk him in a harness as he tends to cough if there is pressure put on this throat via a collar.

Rusty loves his comforts and comes inside at night and will “go to your bed” when given a treat. He will try to sneak up on the lounge next to you if given half the chance and has been sleeping on the end of my bed! He gets on well with my two ragdoll cats he will play with my 18 month old boy.

Rusty is very intelligent and he knows quite a few commands and has good natural obedience.

Rusty is a young energetic dog with a very kind and lovable nature. He is suited for a home where his new owners are willing to enhance and maintain his training and make sure he receives enough exercise and stimulation each day so he doesn’t get bored.

If there are children they need to be school age and are dog savvy enough to give basic consistent commands and cope with an energetic large dog. At the moment when Rusty comes into the house he knows to sit on a towel so I can dry his feet!

Rusty is a gorgeous dog who needs an active home where he can be loved and take part in the family activities every day.

We will be choosing the best home for Rusty so please email Lorraine an expression of interest.

To meet Rusty please email Lorraine on

Breed and genderMale Boxer cross
SizeMedium large
Activity levelHigh
Coat careLow
Indoor / outdoorBoth, with his people
Training levelOngoing training & socialising
Special needsNone
Adoption fee *Plus council registration if adopted in NSW*$600 See notes below
Microchip number:900079000543320
Rehoming number:R251000002
Source number:RE130809

*The adoption fee includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, C5 vaccination,intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration for rescue dogs in NSW is $27.50 and $23 for pensioners.This fee applies from 18/7/2016
Best outcomes: For the best possible outcome for each adoption we do prefer that you come to us and meet the dog or puppy in person.
Please note: Even though you may be first to call, this does not always guarantee you will be chosen to adopt. By no means do we run on a “first in, first served basis”. We aim to ensure that our animals are adopted into the most suitable home for them and the new family.