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Blue is a very handsome 12 month old Mastiff cross who is looking for his forever home. He is already a big boy at 33.5kg. We don’t know a lot about his circumstances before coming into AWAR’s care.

Blue is a little shy of men, but with a little patience and love he will be won over (hubby has won him over easily). At the moment he is an outside dog, as he gets too excited inside (bull in a china shop).

Blue has not had much training, we have only had him a short time and each day he is improving with his manners and training. But he does need a firm hand; he is eager to learn and is a clever boy. He has hardly barked since being with us and settles down at night easily. He is left alone most of the day whilst we are at work/school and have found if left alone too long he will get up to mischief, nothing overly bad. Blue likes to chew plastic, which is expected for a 12 month old pup. He has not dug any holes (yet), but has taken to some of our garden shoes (which are left in a bucket next to the door – so we can’t really complain!)

He is a very goofy boy that does not realize his size. Due to this he would be better suited with high school aged kids, not little ones. He has taken to our teenagers really well, follows and leans up on them and he will listen to them, well most of the time.

Blue knows how to sit, he is usually very gentle taking treats. When you feed him he will sit and wait until you put his bowl down. He walks fairly well on lead. He is still learning to play fetch, I don’t think anyone has really played with him. He absolutely loves being with you and will follow you around and leans up for a pat. He does mouth a bit but he is learning that this is not good manners and he is just looking for your attention

Blue is a gorgeous boy and does not have a mean bone in his body. He would need a patient family that understands he is very clever and that needs lots of guidance while working on his socializing, manners, training. His family needs to be consistent showing strong boundaries and he will thrive!

So if you are familiar with the feeding, care and handling of large stronger dogs, please submit an application for Blue.

To meet Blue please email Lorraine on

Breed and genderMale Mastiff mix
DOB01/06/2020 approx.
Activity levelModerate to high
Coat careLow
Indoor / outdoorHas been mainly outdoors
Training levelOngoing training & socialising
Special needsNone
Adoption fee *Plus council registration if adopted in NSW*$500 See notes below
Microchip number:991003000272557
Rehoming number:R251000002
Source number:RE130809

*The adoption fee includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, C5 vaccination,intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration for rescue dogs in NSW is $27.50 and $23 for pensioners.This fee applies from 18/7/2016
Best outcomes: For the best possible outcome for each adoption we do prefer that you come to us and meet the dog or puppy in person.
Please note: Even though you may be first to call, this does not always guarantee you will be chosen to adopt. By no means do we run on a “first in, first served basis”. We aim to ensure that our animals are adopted into the most suitable home for them and the new family.