Below are a list of puppies and dogs available for adoption. Please click on the read more link which will take you to the dog’s profile page where you will find more information and photos of the dog and the contact details for the dog’s coordinator.

In brief…

Our normal dog and puppy adoption fee is $500 and young puppies are $550-$600 (for the extra vaccinations and worm treatments). This covers desexing of the dog or puppy, C5 vaccination, flea and intestinal worm treatments. Mature dogs are around $300. In NSW we must also lifetime register the dog or puppy (an extra charge).

Help Bruiser

A 10 year old Bull terrier cross has come into AWAR's care. Initially requiring a foster home and then a forever home. Unfortunately, Bruiser had been bounced around in the ...
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This happy girl is Jill, a three year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. Let’s start with what Jill loves the most! She loves to go on walks anywhere, preferably fresh ...
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Blue is a very handsome 12 month old Mastiff cross who is looking for his forever home. He is already a big boy at 33.5kg. We don’t know a lot ...
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Georgia has gone on trial. A young American Staffy cross girl. This beautiful looking youngster is going to be snapped up very quickly by some lucky Staffy lover. She has ...
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Buddy is on trial. Buddy loves all humans, he will sit and wait for the word before he eats his meal because he has very good manners. Buddy came into ...
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Jedaha is on trial. Jedaha is a beautiful loving girl, who deserves the very very best home we can find for her as she had a rough start in life ...
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Knox is on trial. This boy loves being inside in the company of his family. He is house trained and can sit, wait and shake. Knox loves to go in ...
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Penny is on trial. An 18 month old Staghound x Saluki. She is big, but full of love. Penny’s favourite things to do are sleeping on the couch next to ...
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Storm is now on trial, she is a very friendly and loving nearly four year old male Staffy. He loves going for walks and exploring but is also very content ...
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It means that when you adopt me
You will love me for my whole life
No matter what…
When you move you will take me with you
If you have a baby you won’t give me up
If you get another pet, you will still love me