Below are a list of puppies and dogs available for adoption. Please click on the read more link which will take you to the dog’s profile page where you will find more information and photos of the dog and the contact details for the dog’s coordinator.

In brief…

Our normal dog adoption fee is $530 and young puppies are $630 (for the extra vaccinations and worm treatments). This covers desexing of the dog or puppy, C5 vaccination, flea and intestinal worm treatments. Mature dogs are less depending on age. In NSW we must also lifetime register the dog or puppy (an extra charge).

bull arab x rescue puppy


This beautiful tan brindle puppy is a lovable little boy. He loves to be near his humans. He can be shy to begin with but won’t take long till see ...
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albury wodonga animal rescue


Meet Rusty. Rusty is a very affectionate youngster who loves attention, especially pats from his humans. He is great with kids and often plays along side them ...
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awar border collie cross rescue dog


Bo is a 12 month old and very sweet natured young man who has a great temperament. He fits right in and gets on well with other dogs. If everything ...
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american staffordshire bull terrier rescue dog


πŸ“½Meet Boo Boo, an energetic, affectionate two and half year old American Staffy who loves to go for big walks, play soccer and fetch. Boo Boo is very good with ...
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irish wolfhound rescue dog


Zelda is an intelligent, happy go lucky, sweet young lady looking for a family with a dog to be her companion and a backyard to run and play in. Zelda ...
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Albury wodonga animal rescue


George is on trial in his new home πŸ’– This very good boy is a Huntaway cross Kelpie, both working dog breeds. George is excellent with children and gets on ...
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bull arab puppy adoption


Checkers is on trial in her new home πŸ’– A Bull Arab cross who is hands down the easiest pup we've ever met. She's been raised in foster care with ...
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gsd x bull arab puppy adoption


Wrangler is on trial in his new home πŸ’– He is learning to sit, walk on a leash but he prefers to carry the lead himself. Wrangler is learning very ...
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bull arab x puppy adoption


Molly is on trial in her new home πŸ’– Molly is a wonderful young Bull Arab cross puppy roughly around 14 weeks old. She is shy but warms up very ...
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albury dog rescue adoption


Willow is on trial in her new home πŸ’– Willow is very social and is great with children and other dogs. She loves to play with toys, tug-o-war specially. She ...
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beagle x jrt adoptions


Obi is on trial in his new home πŸ’– Obi is a tan and white Beagle cross Jack Russell Terrier boy of about seven months old. Obi is a smart ...
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blue heeler pup adopted


Roger is on trial in his new home πŸ’– He's such a sweet and loving pup. He is very people orientated and loves being near his humans. He does like ...
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Enquiries are now closed for Sally 🚫 She is a very sweet girl who loves to play but also loves to cuddle with you, and/or other dogs on the couch ...
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Enquiries are now closed for Alpha 🚫 Very good boy Alpha is a sweet, loving, happy young dog, who loves being around his family. He will need a strong, confident ...
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Julius is on trial with his new family πŸ’– He is an almost two year old beautiful Kelpie boy. He will make a great dog for an active person or ...
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Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue - Dog adoptions


It means that when you adopt me
You will love me for my whole life
No matter what…
When you move you will take me with you
If you have a baby you won’t give me up
If you get another pet, you will still love me