Surrendering your pet to us

We are accepting surrendered dogs, puppies and kittens of sound temperament and good health. Our ability to accept your dog depends on the availability of a foster home for the dog.

Please think carefully before you ring us. Does your dog just need some more training and socialising? Can you really not spare that extra half hour to walk and play with your dog each day? Often just having your dog desexed will, over the next several months diminish a lot of unwanted behaviours.

We require you to fill out and sign a surrender agreement and provide any veterinary or other records you may have. If the dog is not microchipped in your own name we will ask you to get the legal owner of the dog to sign the surrender form.

Puppy and dog surrenders

We can not accept dog or cat surrenders at our Wagga Rd. Hub. Please fill out the PDF form below with the particulars about the dog/s you want to surrender. We will then contact you.

If we accept a litter of puppies from you we will strongly suggest that you have your bitch desexed as soon as possible. This will prevent future pregnancies and will be line with our responsible dog ownership policy.

Temperament requirements

Before accepting a dog or puppy surrender it will have to pass a temperament test. After the dog has greeted us and relaxed a little we will then test his reaction to physical handling and lead handling and if possible test his reaction to another dog.

We will ask about his medical history, vaccination record, whether he’s microchipped and desex status. All this information helps us decide if we can accept your dog and if we have a suitable foster home to place it in. We do understand that each dog is different and that some are more timid than others, specially with strangers. But our coordinator are trained to recognise behaviours that is simple shyness or is unacceptable.

As a rescue group we must take great care to rehome dogs that are only of good temperament.

Please note the Albury Wodonga Pound will charge a surrender fee.

Surrender Form

Below is a link to download our dog and puppy surrender form as a PDF.
Click here to download PDF dog surrender form>

Please fill out the form, scan and email it to
Mail it to
Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue
PO Box 7401
East Albury NSW 2640
Drop the form into
Our rooms at the rear of Albury Animal Hospital at 323 Wagga Road Lavington
You get the idea