AWAR foster carers

Foster carers needed

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Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue cannot continue to save and rehome more dogs and puppies without our awesome foster carers.

We do not have a shelter or adoption centre for our dogs. EVERY dog and puppy who comes to us for help needs to be cared for in a foster home. Foster carers and their homes are so much better than any shelter situation could ever be.

While in a foster home, each dog or puppy can be cared for, socialised and fully assessed as to what type of home will suit him or her individual temperament, age, size and needs.

If you have a secure backyard, have some time each day to spend with a dog or puppy and love dogs, we need you.

The dog you have when you are not having a dog

Please go to our Foster Carers page for all the information you need to volunteer to help save dogs and puppies who through no fault of their own, need a new home.