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Bella Boo

Applications are now closed for Bella Boo 🚫 This 12 month old sweet natured good girl is Bella Boo. Bella is a Parson Russell Terrier, longer legged and a bit taller than the Jack Russell. Bella came to us as an outside dog and was not house trained.

Within 48 hours she was using the doggy door to take herself outside to toilet and after about 10 days she was house trained, we just need to keep an eye on her and remind her when it’s outside break time. She will also need her new humans to continue work on her general good manners. Bella is one smart girl.

She does like to spend time outside exploring, doing crazy fast laps of the yard, or just hanging out in the sunshine. And also chasing off any visiting birds. She loves her daily walk and is very good on the lead. She doesn’t love the car but doesn’t complain. She is very good with children and other dogs. We don’t know about cats but she is very gentle with our tiny aged dog so she may be fine.

Bella is now sleeping in a crate in our bedroom and is quiet all night. She loves to cuddle on the couch beside her humans. She is very responsive to voice commands and knows sit and sits for her meals. She will work for treats and we think she would be great at obedience or agility.

Bella is a young active terrier breed so we are looking for a home where she will receive exercise, stimulation and company. She needs to be allowed indoors for most of the time. Bella will make an excellent walking or jogging buddy.

Please ensure you have discussed the possible adoption with all parties involved before making inquiries. If you are able to provide a loving home and are able to take on the commitment and work an active young dog requires, then you will be rewarded with a loving companion or family member.

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To submit an expression of interest for Bella Boo please email Dallas on

Breed and genderFemale Parson Russell Terrier
SizeMedium small
Activity levelHigh
Coat careLow
Indoor / outdoorBoth
Training levelOngoing training & socialising
Special needsNone
Adoption fee *Plus council registration if adopted in NSW*$700 See notes below
Microchip number:956000016203661
Rehoming number:R251000002
Source number:RE130809

*The adoption fee includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, C5 vaccination,intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration for rescue dogs in NSW is $27.50 and $23 for pensioners.This fee applies from 18/7/2016
Best outcomes: For the best possible outcome for each adoption we do prefer that you come to us and meet the dog or puppy in person.
Please note: Even though you may be first to call, this does not always guarantee you will be chosen to adopt. By no means do we run on a “first in, first served basis”. We aim to ensure that our animals are adopted into the most suitable home for them and the new family.