Alison’s Kitties

Alison has nine beautiful kittens or young adults now available for adoption! Each one of them will make a wonderful companion for anyone looking for a new feline friend.

Here they are in no particular order:

Zena, a smoochy girl and the mum of Bob, Spud and Maxi (to come). Zena doesn’t much like other cats but loves humans so being an only cat will suit her.

Cuddles came from the pound, she is about six months old and is a real sweetheart, she will love you forever and only ask for your love in return.

Next is Ginger also from the pound. All her vet work is done and she is so pretty. She is a very friendly girl and is around 12 months old

Midnight (Middie to her friends) is also from the pound and is about six months old, a cool relaxed girl and all vet work is done.

Mary Ann is one of the Gilligan’s Island kittens, she’s grown into a stunning silver tabby and will look gorgeous on your lounge.

Bob the bobtail, has no tail, he’s three to four months old and is very active so a fun boy this one!

Spud is also three to four months months old and male, happy-go-lucky little boy, a fun one for you.

Smokey is Cuddles brother and is about six months old. He’s also from the pound. He’s a sweet natured boy and will sit on your lap on these cold nights.

Ester and Bunny are the cute little white pair and were from pound too. We would love them to be adopted together if possible as they are a bonded pair. How absolutely gorgeous will they look in your home?

We do ask that our cats are kept indoors or in cat runs 24/7 to respect our wildlife, the safety of the cat and the rights of your neighbours.

Please contact Alison on 0438 596 723 if you would like to meet any of these lovely youngsters.


Vital stats

Breed and gender Desexed female and male juvenile cats
DOB 6 months to 12 months
Coat care Low to Moderate
Indoor / outdoor Indoors only
Special needs None
Adoption fee
*Plus council registration if adopted in NSW
*$200 each
See notes below

*The adoption fee includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, F4 vaccination,

intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration for rescue cats in NSW is $27.50 and $23 for pensioners.
This fee applies from 18/7/2016

Best outcomes
For the best possible outcome for each adoption we do prefer that you come to us
and meet the cat or kitten in person