About Us

At Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue we aim to save as many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens as we can from being put to sleep but we must have responsible, reliable and genuine foster carers to look after these animals while they are in our care.

We take dogs and cats from local pounds or that are surrendered to us for various reasons. We vaccinate, worm, flea and desex each one and then find responsible loving homes for them. We are passionate about what we do but we can’t do it without your help.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about us

Where is Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue?

Albury Animal Rescue now has an adoption centre at Albury Animal Hospital, 323 Wagga Road, Lavington NSW 2641 (entry down the side lane). Also some of our dogs, puppies cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers in private homes. We live, rescue and rehome in the Albury Wodonga district on the NSW Victorian Border.

What does the adoption fee cover?

The adoption fee of $650 for dogs, $700 for puppies and $260 for kittens and cats includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, C5 vaccination, intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration in NSW is $30 and $24 for pensioners.
This fee applies from 18/7/2016. Some older pets may be a lower fee. Please remember this adoption fee only helps pay for the pet’s veterinary fees for desexing, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and often does not cover extras like dental treatment, skin medication, ear medication and many other costs involved in animal rescue. We also must microchip each pet and register each them in NSW.

How do I pay the adoption fee?

We ask for cash when you take the dog or puppy on trial. Adoptions away from Albury Wodonga can pay by direct debit.

Why do you do a fence check on my property?

Dogs that have ended up unclaimed in the pound have sometimes escaped their yard because of boredom and/or inadequate fencing. Therefore it is important that you have fencing that will contain a dog of the size and energy level that you are looking at adopting. We definitely do not want our adopted dogs ending up in a pound again!

Can I try out the pet to make sure it's the right one for me?

Yes, we offer a three week trial period. We do ask for payment up front but that is fully refundable if you decide not to go ahead with the adoption within the trail period. If we have transported your new pet away from our area and you decide not to go ahead with the adoption, then we ask that you pay to have it transported back to us, as we are unable to afford this extra expense.

Will my adopted dog get along with my existing dog?

Talk to your chosen dog’s coordinator about how the dog or puppy gets on with their other dogs. If your own dog is well socialised there shouldn’t be a problem. A good idea if you are unsure is to introduce both dogs on leads away from your home territory, say in a park, then walk them home together.

Will my adopted dog get on with my chooks or rabbits?

We can only assess a dog’s behaviour around other animals like cats, chooks and rabbits if our foster carers have those animals. The dog’s foster carer should be able to give you an idea of their suitability with other pets.

Will my adopted dog be good with my children?

Children should be supervised around dogs at all times, whether it is your dog or someone else’s. We generally state in the dog’s profile page what they are like with children. Some may just be too boisterous for small children. During the first weeks extreme care should be taken to observe the body language and behaviour of the new dog and the child should be taught the correct way to approach and handle the dog. Never leave your child alone with the dog.

Are the dogs house trained?

That depends on each individual dog. A chat with the dog’s coordinator will help answer your questions. All young puppies will of course need house training.

How do I change the microchip details over to me?

When you let us know that you are going ahead and adopting the dog, our office manager will transfer the microchip papers into your name and if you live in NSW we also register your pet for you. You will also receive the dog’s veterinary records. In other states it’s your responsibility to register your pet with your local council.

Why do you desex all your pets before rehoming them?

The major reason that so many rescue groups like us exist is because people fail to desex their pets. There are many reasons people give for not desexing their pets and NOT ONE of them is valid. By desexing each pet before we rehome it we hope to break the cycle of unwanted litters of puppies & kittens and the huge number of unclaimed pets that are euthanised in pounds every week in Australia.

What if I live a long way from Albury Wodonga but I want to adopt one of your dogs?

We have rehomed many dogs outside this area. We prefer you to come and meet your new dog or puppy in person. Please call us to discuss each individual dog or puppy’s suitability for you. We do ask that if you decide to return a dog to us that the transport costs back to us is your responsibility.

Are all your dogs well behaved?

Each dog we offer for adoption has been carefully temperament tested. Some are real angels and most are quite well behaved. Please remember that some of these dogs, although of sound temperament, have had little or no training before coming to us, and a few have even been badly treated. You must take this into account and give your  new companion at least two full weeks to settle into their new home. Younger dogs are likely to be quite enthusiastic and just need some consistent firm guidance and leadership. A few weeks of obedience training is usually well worth the effort. Please contact Brydie Charlesworth and ask about obedience training for your new dog or puppy.

What if I can't find the pet I am looking for on your website?

Quite often we have dogs in foster care that have not been posted on the website yet. Give us a call. We are also affiliated with other rescue groups. Use our links page to explore other rescue groups. Remember to call or visit all pounds in the area as they always have nice dogs looking for homes.

My bitch had puppies, will you take them?

If the puppies are basically healthy we have a good chance of finding good homes for them, specially the smaller breeds, but first we have to find foster carers for them, this limits the number of puppies we can accept to rehome. We also strongly encourage you to have your bitch desexed to prevent more unwanted litters in the future.

Do you charge a fee if I surrender my dog or puppies?

Officially no… but we encourage a donation to help with the costs of veterinary fees and many other costs involved in rescue. Litters of puppies are very expensive to feed, vaccinate and worm, specially if they are in poor condition.

I've lost my dog... what can I do?

 Call and visit the pounds in person as your description of your dog may not match theirs. The Albury Wodonga Pound now takes animals from Albury, Greater Hume, Urana, Wodonga, Indigo and Towong Shires. There is also a chance that your dog has been taken to a vet, so call all your local vets. Please make sure your dog is microchipped and the information kept up to date, this will save much heartache and trouble for everyone. There are also facebook groups that post information about lost and found pets in most areas.